© 2019 Ina Seidler-Kronwitter


In my artistic work, expressive areas and dynamic lines play together to find an abstraction out of nature. In this process, I look for organic forms and structures to translate them into colours, lines and unique compositions. Through this method of creation, the viewer discovers rooms of colour. Thus, the process of painting becomes the subject of my artistic work. Striving that the process of creating and developing remains clear, is an important aspect of my painting process that leads to the final artwork. At the end, a new reality is born. The colours and structures touch on feelings of the viewer who will find individual ways of seeing and enjoying it.


1981            Diploma as restorer of antique objects of art and architecture after three years of training and apprenticeship

1982            Study of History of Art at Munich University

1982-89       Study of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich – Degree in Painting and Art Education

1991-2005   Living and working as an artist in Luxembourg

Currently    Living and working as an artist in Switzerland, Germany and Alderney

Past Exhibitions

1990         Galerie Z, Baar – Switzerland

1991         “Kunst Nacht”, summer-academy Kloster Irsee – Bavaria together with Prof. Walter Stöhrer

1992         Figur im Dialog, Kunsthaus Ostbayern, Viechtach with subsequent exhibitions in Prague, Eger, Frankfurt, Paris (Catalogue: Figur im Dialog) 

1992         Galerie ARPEX, Bratislava – Slovakia

1993         Palais des Congrès, Lugano – Switzerland

1994         Galerie Junge Kunst, Kunstverein Trier – Germany

1995         Handzeichnungen in Rheinland-Pfalz, Wanderausstellung in Neustadt, Primasens, Bingen und Trier – Germany 

1996         Patt-ex, TUFA Trier – Germany

1997         Galerie  96, Bourglinster – Luxembourg (Catalogue: Farbgespräche)

1998         L’Art en Marche, Sprenkenger Haff – Luxembourg 

1998         Centre culturel Jacques Brel, Thionville – France 

1998         TUFA, Trier – Germany 

1999         Salon de Printemps, LAC – Luxembourg 

1999         Junge Kunst in Weimar, Kunstverein Hofatelier, Weimar – Germany 

2000         20 Jahre Junge Kunst, Kunstverein Trier – Germany 

2001         40 mal 40, Kunstverein Trier – Germany 

2002         Jahresendausstellung “Wahlverwandschaften”, Kunstverein Trier – Germany

2002         40 mal 40, Kunst im Landtag, Mainz – Germany

2002         Artothek, Trier – Germany 

2002         “Künstler der Galerie”, Jahresendausstellung, Trier – Germany 

2004         “Farbgespräche”, Galerie Junge Kunst, Trier – Germany 

2005         Kunstverein Mittelrhein e.V., Boppard – Germany

2008         Jetztkunst, Kunstverein Trier – Germany

2009         “Paesaggi Astratti”, La Cantina, Muzzano – Switzerland 

2010         “Abstrakte Landschaft”, Kunstverein Trier – Germany

2011         “Portable Art Objects”, Ascona – Switzerland

2012         “Portable Art Objects at Ornaris Trade Show”, Bern – Switzerland

2013         “Portable Art Objects at FEMME 3, Frauenmuseum Bonn”, Germany

2014         “Portable Art Objects at Ornaris Trade Show”, Zürich – Switzerland

2015            “Two Days Art”, Luxembourg, “Portable Art Objects” Ornaris, Zürich

2016        “Two Days Art”, Luxembourg

2017        “Magazin Kleiner Formate”, Kunstzentrum Bosener Mühle, Bosen(D)

2018        “Latest Works”, Bank Raiffeisen, Ascona, Switzerland

2019        “Adhoc”, Cultural Center, Treves Germany

2019        lePassage, Alderney